Context examples . This test is satisfied when the plaintiff … An on-air reporter for CBS New York has been killed in a moped accident in Manhattan over the weekend. moped meaning: 1. a small motorcycle with pedals (= parts that you press with your feet to move forward) that can…. These are reasonable questions, but the fact is that new words do keep entering the language. All had tuned their mopeds so they could ride excessively fast. The average speed of the moped riders was 50 km/h (legally they were only allowed to go 30 km/h). I'm not sure why someone would be suspended for it. I was a bad condition because of that or of a moped accident, so I lay in bed. below 30 mph) and are often a direct result of a head injury for which Helmet use could make a significant difference. Translate Moped. We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! riding too fast, meaning that other drivers did not see them in time, or misjudged their speed. n. 1. or The first pangs start early in December with the nostalgia rush I get upon spotting dinky net bags of mixed nuts for sale. My legs are strong. DEVIN LEONARD ... meaning customers could park bikes for free in … The development of hypotheses for accident investigations can be concentrated on these priorities. How to use moped in a sentence. See authoritative translations of Moped in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Nina Kapur, a 26-year-old reporter in New York City, died after she fell from a moped that had been rented from Revel, a popular moped sharing service. I didn’t care. Kapur was riding as a passenger on a moped that crashed in … A man was killed Thursday night when the moped he was driving was struck head-on by another vehicle. Seuls 40 % des cyclomotoristes et 90 % des motocyclistes portaient un casque au moment de l'accident. A moped is a bicycle-type vehicle (or two-wheeled vehicle), equipped with pedals and a low-powered engine that provides an economical mode of transportation. I went to the hospital for five days. BARKHAMSTED — Two people seriously injured in a moped accident early Sunday morning were taken to the hospital via Life Star, according to officials. Michigan moped laws have specific licensing, registration and insurance requirements that riders need to know about. See more. Mope definition, to be sunk in dejection or listless apathy; sulk; brood. Nina Kapur, a television reporter for CBS2, the CBS affiliate in New York City, died Saturday after being in a moped accident, the station reported. Moped and motorcycle accidents--similarities and discrepancies. Moped definition, a motorized bicycle that has pedals in addition to a low-powered gasoline engine designed for low-speed operation. I don’t know about you, but I’m already salivating at the prospect of Christmas food. She was 26 years old. More than 250 16-year-old boys are killed or seriously injured in moped accidents every year, according to research from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Breach of Duty: Breach of duty occurs when a defendant is obligated by law to avoid causing an accident and/or harming the plaintiff and violates the duty. mope definition: 1. to be unhappy and unwilling to think or act in a positive way, especially because of a…. I'm not sure why someone would be suspended for it. Here are a few moped and scooter accident statistics to consider: The NHTSA published 2007 data showing that combined moped and motorcycle injuries rose from 88,000 to 103,000 over the course of one year. All contents of the excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright © 2013-. If it was “you” then there could be a whole range of reasons why you had such a dream. New Year’s Eve is traditionally when we fix our gaze firmly forward in hope, having cast a backward glance at the year just ended. Definition of moped in the dictionary. See authoritative translations of Moped in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. One may think that they are one and the same, or one is slightly larger than the other. Filed under brooklyn , cbs , … Motorbike accident definition: An accident happens when a vehicle hits a person, an object, or another vehicle, causing... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples To think gloomily and persistently about something; be dejected. Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content, With more seats made available, it should be a, The board is expected to meet today to consider a formal, He paid tribute to her in a very emotional, The programme has wide significance for other advanced. Define moped. My left leg hurt on Thursday. John's just been moping around the house all day long ever since he lost his job. or 2. It's like a motorcycle accident, except a moped is simpler and lower powered, more like a bicycle with a motor.

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