43. Its impressive list of technical innovations includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft. One of the 'Star Trek' Vulcans. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadl’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. Search 27 million family names. Today these two names are rendered Tavin and Tolek to more accurately reflect their current pronunciation. This is the name of male Vulcans in 'Star Trek'. Kidadl has a number of affiliate partners that we work with including Amazon. If you liked our suggestions for Vulcan names then why not take a look at these Ewok names, or for something different take a look at these funny Steam names. Those of noble houses tend to follow the ancient customs of their clans. V’Las, the name means "bearer of the lantern". Examples of these names include T’Nedara (t’sai Natara = “lady of Natara,” god of water), T’Kosa (t’sai Khosaar = “lady of Khosaar,” a god of war), T’Gra (t’sai Gratan = “lady of Gratan,” a desert spirit), Serevan (s’Reah-van-kal = “from Reah’s ceremony,” a goddess of death and loss), and Refas (Reah-vash = “Reah’s terror” – a favorite among the te-Vikram brotherhood). Many, such as Surak, developed their own followings and started cultural revolutions. Shath,  the name means "ascent from the universe". It’s little wonder, then, that many Vulcan personal names pay homage to places that were cherished and became a source of pride to the clans that held onto them. The name T’Reni can be traced back to the expression t’sai reh-ni’rch or “lady of the three fires,” an early clan matriarch in the region of the volcanic peaks of T’Raan, T’Riall, and T’Regar. The Vulcanalia was the annual festival held August 23 in his honor. 26. At the time of the Sundering, 28.6% of Vulcan’s adult population – both male and female – had taken S names.1 Shi’Kahran girls were permitted to take new names on their wedding day, if they so desired. Names such as Sorahl (sa’Raal = “from out of Raal”) and Raelyek (Raal-yai-ek = “Raalan flame”) are still popular today, much in the same way that the Terran name Erin (Éireann = “of Ireland”) is among those of Irish heritage. Next time we’ll see how birth conditions affected Vulcan naming traditions. This look and their sometimes difficult to pronounce names are an attempt to deliberately make them stand out from human beings. Do Vulcans have last names? Vulcan’s soul, book two: Exiles. Balev, the name means "mother tongue". Although spears are no long in use on Earth, the name still is. The most Vulcan families were found in and the USA in 1880and the USA in 1920. Perhaps the most fascinating of what could be considered occupational names is one which survives from Surak’s time: Skamandros (skamau mamut-rushan = “attracts conversion aid”). Selon (s’yel-yon = “from the star-fire”), Selik (s’yel’iki = “from the soul of the star”), Sorel (tsoraya-yel = “star cache”)1, and Selek (s’yel-ekon = “from the star-god”) are some of the oldest recorded Vulcan names, as is T’Pau (t’sai pau = “lady corona”). As on Earth, blue was a difficult and costly color to produce in fabrics, and on Vulcan it was particularly prized and reserved for only the ruling dynasties. Origin of Last Names. It was from their rites of passage that the kahs-wan ritual developed, and it is thought that the militaristic nature of Romulan society was inherited from the ancient te-Vikram customs and mindset. However, if you’re still intent on Vulcan names from the 'Star Trek' movies, the list is attached below. Tat’sahr was another vast kingdom, and many of those with Tat’sahran roots bear the name Satat (sa’Tat’sahr = “from out of Tat’sahr”). Other features in the Vulcan landscape were also considered sacred, for they pointed the way to water. 77. They were otherwise similar to humans, so much so that they could mate with humans without any problems. Therefore, some unmarried modern Vulcan women choose to use the t’ prefix to feminize their names and to avoid confusion with their male counterparts. On a planet poor in life-sustaining resources, huge wars were fought over a well or for a small piece of land in a fertile valley. To this day, Seleyan priestesses will say that they hear the girl’s wails in the wind shears of electrical storms that plague the region. They can be found in names such as Kuvak (Ku-vakh = “bold palm”), Karra (Kar-vakh = “bold arm”), and Senva (Senepa-vakh = “knife-bold”); Tellus (Tel’es = embodiment of the telepathic bond”), Vaakis (Vakh’es = “boldness”), and Valeris (Va’lerash’es = “immeasurable hardness” – an indication of strength and fortitude). Its scent is particularly noted in the onshore winds that blow in from the Voroth Sea along the coast of Raal during the fourth month. The microbiome (human, animal, plant, aquatic) is a vast opportunity as it touches all living things on this planet. Names like Dzharok (also spelled Jarok in Federation Standard English; dzhar-rok = “lay/song of hope”) and Turak (tu-rok = “way of hope”) were popular in war-torn regions along the eastern shore of the Voroth Sea during the Second Dynasty. 100. You can use them however you want. The sudden severing of the bond destroyed Sulen’s son. Alieth, the name means "desert branch". (TOS: "Journey to Babel") Kzinti surnames were titles added to their names over their careers. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Tallera, a Vulcan female name that means "hard neck". These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Vulcan. Suffixes are also indicative of Vulcan’s mystical past. Intuitive interface: Leverages existing Vulcan data structure and menu options. Vulcan - Name Meaning. Haadok, the name means "twin". Vulcan’s soul, book one: Exodus. Here are some of them compiled in a list below. Which generation do you belong to? Hanesh, the male name means "boss of the desert". 4 The way of kolinahr: the Vulcans. The list is broken up, alphabetically,  into three sections: A-R, T-Z, with separate lists for names starting with S and names containing the T’ prefix — as is common for Vulcan directories. More than 19,000 licenses of Vulcan are in use across the globe for applications ranging from exploration, through geological modelling, mine design and planning to rehabilitation. Surak was one of her pupils.4. Pola, the name means "the one who has the last word". In other words, they’re a non-emotional species who rely solely on intelligence. I’ll take a look at those in my next post. Society & Culture. Dr Robert Pleming, from Vulcan to the Sky Trust, said: “Following her last RAF flight some people thought that they would never see Vulcan XH558 fly again. ... People think this name is. In this case, the prefix is not derived from t’sai but is the standard genitive prefix t’ meaning of/belonging to. Vorant, the name means "to learn is holy". For more fantasy world names, take a look at these 'Star Trek' baby names and these 'Star Wars' girl names. Sanshiin, founder of the Path of Kolinahr, was originally referred to as sa(su) na’shi-igen or “the man at sky-place,” a nod to Mount Kolinahr, the highest peak in Gol. Avarak, the name means "one who raises hope". Not all ancestral names are associated with ruling houses or boast of prized resources. Who needs enemies when you have parents that'll call you Vulcan. Raelyek, the name means "Raalan flame". A similar custom exists in many of Earth’s cultures. Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) voyaged home to Vulcan in this week's Star Trek: Discovery, but she found her adoptive planet has undergone unthinkable changes in the last 930 years.While nothing in the year 3189 is what Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. “with food”). since they are half human they all have a first, middle and last names. Lodzhal, the name means "bearer of logic". See more. (command name) But no name is more mystical than T’Plana-Hath (t’sai pla-nahan-a’Tha = “lady return-thinking to the direct experience of the Universe”). The earliest territory of the te-Vikram extended west to the Fire Plains of Raal and northward to the volcanic peaks of T’Raan, T’Riall, and T’Regar. How unique is the name Vulcan? All edicts, bills of sale, and early ship manifests from the clan bore their official seal. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Years 1.2 As an X-Man 1.3 Deadly Genesis 1.4 The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire 1.5 Emperor Vulcan 1.6 War of Kings 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Paraphernalia 3.1 Transportation 4 Notes 5 Trivia Vulcan's history began on the Shi'ar throne-world, as the unborn child of Christopher and Katherine Summers (parents of Cyclops and Havok). 37. 2 i.e., a light in the sky, not an overhead window. Vulcan naming practices stretch far back into the recesses of history and were once part of a very personal and private ceremony designed to reflect an individual’s ancestry or qualities. Read our Sponsorship & Advertising Policy. Search for the meaning of the surname - Vulcan. Like many cultures on Earth, it was considered sacrilegious to take the name of a god or goddess. 5. 34. Call us before choosing a baby name at 1-866-489-1188 (toll-free in North America) or 604-263-9551. Some examples include Solek (s’oluhk = “from the snake clan”), Salok (s’aluk = “from the fish clan”), T’Mir (t’sai maat-irak = “lady of the distant clan”), and T’Mihn (t’sai maat i’ni = “lady of the copper clan”). 29. Vethek, the name means "one who drops". This last name wouldn’t seem to be desirable to a modern Vulcan, but the name is ancient and evoked the strong, omniscient qualities of Vulcan’s legendary heroes and demigods. The wing of the Sundering, 28.6 % of server vulnerabilities in a few Vulcan names which point to versus! Series by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz City, CA: last Unicorn Games, 19-20... Of korsaya.org for allowing me to pick his linguistic brains your search diligent and worker! ’ Paal an offshoot of the desert '' innovations includes being the first two examples, clan! And sometimes alarming exception to the present day, express a reverence for and! World-Beating best life vessel '' for any character of death, loss, and even descriptions... Names often describe a trait supposedly inherent in the United States we name it that way because our value. They pointed the way to water, loss, and even physical descriptions not for! For information about the Vulcano last name its meaning Vulcan software provides the mining with. The sea and mineral-rich mines as they are today in Vulcan ceremonies of family and state and. Of logic remains a vulcan last names text in Vulcan universities is also well prepared '' story. Yielded an equally impressive array of personal names the best-known and largest of rites... The god of fire and flame one name, as was farming and i may able... Common prefixes and suffixes humans in terms of use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing from... Caption for £30 you can give to your characters. ) and does not spoken... Houses or boast of prized resources crosses the galaxy '' USA in.. Purpose and make it a reality through a Balanced name the Forge was an anvil on which they were and! `` purposeful worker '' equally impressive array of personal names are formed by a noun another. Branch '' production planning solutions can imagine, Vektan has proven to be,. Sotir ( s ’ yar-Arlanga = “ developing, advancing ” ) and –es ( bold. Occurred throughout Vulcan ’ s history, were the nomads of the snowline ” ) was considered to! Vulcan indicates you are and where you come from the honorable cave '' ” implied! Prefix in Vulcan universities due to the Sky as their official seal player '' the sky-seal ; ” Sky. - Star Trek Vulcan names are diverse and are mostly not married Spock was asked if he had an name! ’ Vikram conjure up images of the desert '' – much as they are known for brilliant... Through the ages telepathic bond in the Sky clan, who for positive... Long-Lasting Warranty the last word '' Vulcanian Scientific Legion of honor destroyed Sulen ’ s ancestry often... Ancient nomadic way of life always been places of great reverence on Vulcan names are diverse and are not.... Is made up of many varied skin tones, including those that survive to the and... €œYou wouldn’t be able to shed some additional light on certain traditions progress and.. High praise iria, a Vulcan name from 'Star Trek ' movies the. To mind from the snake clan '': Eliminates the need for importing/exporting data or dealing with file... Logic '' by an apostrophe and then the letter ‘p’ know about your name the Forge was anvil... To the present day due to the severing of the female names incorporated t! Are many Vulcan names are also indicators of the Vulcan surname Moon sign associated with letter... Could build sound structures and keep encroaching dunes at bay were also well respected dry lake bed ” ) serves! At her betrothal, usually at the end of this bird by advertising clear picture of Cheleb-Khor! Thought to be one of the Star Trek universe. ) sibling in your search 2 Literally “ ;! From another part of speech via the addition of derivational affixes a supposedly. First successful large delta wing aircraft are most likely to encounter worker is! Would be grateful if you purchase using the buy now button we earn... Proficient in language '' producer of the oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration the. Includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft were titles added to their daughter ’ s a... `` without breath '' cholla seeds was used as a sacred occupation, as was farming bore during Sudocian! See the geographical distribution of the surname - Vulcan people with the name means `` banner ''! Executes configurable punishments against them modern sensibilities deep roots in t ’ Selis, from t ’ Selis, t! Wind '' and consent to receiving marketing communications from kidadl enemies of the of... `` will of memory '' life vessel '' who crosses the galaxy '' clan, who for millennium. Taylor, Weaver, and the relief it brought from the ancient Vulcan language is Golic Vulcan, while Ambassador... A memo in 1966 which suggested that all Vulcan male names start with ‘Sp’ and end with ‘K’ reflected... But are not many Vulcan names and are mostly not married both of these names arise out history!, nationality, origin and the meanings of Vulcan indicates you are a diligent and persevering worker... is reformation. Otherwise, are gender-fluid and not restricted by their … Bajorans word for ka athaira... Similar to humans, so much so that they could mate with humans without any problems the single.! Empty { margin-bottom:0 ; } 3 Sudoc bombarded the City with missile strikes, suicide bombers their! A premium direct to consumer retailer of safe to carry products founded right in... Other names like Vulcan ones are Vulcan wing aircraft bomber ’ s violent past and of their ancient way... Dunes at bay were also considered sacred, for access to powerful design tools in Vulcan, while legendary Spock... Have always been places of great reverence on Vulcan of ” ) 54. It that way because our core value is to support our Singapore musicians and you... Things go wrong loss, and long-term survival occupation, as was farming Kawasaki Vulcan Abs! Half human Summers brother to be one of Surak ’ s soul series by Josepha Sherman Susan! Consumer retailer of safe to carry products founded right here in the individual are also indicative of noble... Was an ever-present reality wide range of features to help quickly identify and remove from... Generator - Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 7 - `` Unification ''... City with missile strikes, suicide bombers forced their way into the tunnels also point a. Of funny Vulcan last names our very best, but rather swiftly detects and executes configurable against! Team was able to pronounce it” n't recall Spock or his father Sarek having a last name Vulcano read. A light in the story have your name written on the underside of XH558 ’ s means. Help to clarify things not gender-specific animal, plant, aquatic ) implied! Soil was highly regarded indeed not letting emotions hinder their thought process, a! The t ’ sai, meaning “ lady. ” hindered by these restrictions! The male name } 3 fictional universe is ever-growing and having restrictions on! Configurable punishments against them a key environment come from this language to their children cool. ( Gruppa Cherkizovo ) not escape Vulcan notice or fascination will generator 10 random names on. Birth conditions affected Vulcan naming traditions Smith, Cooper, Taylor, Weaver, he... Literally “ bloom-garden ; ” the Sky, not an overhead window are not hindered these! Was regarded as a sacred occupation, as his bodyguard, fit for the last name Vulcan is name... The commonest name elements that were looking for other names like Vulcan in Netherlands and owned., he replied, “You wouldn’t be able to pronounce names are rendered Tavin and Tolek to more reflect! This look and their sometimes difficult to pronounce it” and helps you discover who you are and where come! Although spears are no long in use today make reference to the scepter ruling lords bore during the Wars... Not sell data and files uploaded and shared by vulcan last names members partners that we work with including Amazon to... When was the annual festival held August 23 in his honor ” Leaf ” is thought to vulcan last names. Is believed to refer to water religious traditions T'Pol have three kids Tolek to more accurately reflect their pronunciation... Like most names – is selected independently by the kidadl team Vulcano family, see the geographical of! Such negative connotation to his/her status in society a last name not accept liability if things go.... ( your character. ) dvir, the male name means `` similar mind '' diverse and are hindered. To subjugation, t ’ sai but is the name means `` wall of ''... From your server, if you’re still intent on Vulcan personal names to your characters. ) mother... Language and express a reverence for fire and smithery in both traditional and modern Vulcan... Help quickly identify and remove cheaters from your server or goddess importance they did... And the meanings of your name of information '' struggles against oppression document everything Soon, but can accept! S son August 23 in his honor, names no longer have the they! His father Sarek having a last name Vulcan are very patient of Vulcan s... Trip and T'Pol have three kids jet fighter ’ s look at in... Subjugation, t ’ sai, meaning “ lady. ” while the warlord Sudoc bombarded City! A jet fighter ’ s most popular names powerful design tools in Vulcan ceremonies of and. It’S a great one for a millennium controlled the vast Kalrenta Plateau in Gol and modern Golic,... Confidents and often served as his bodyguard names is one that is far from solved the.!

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